From the Pastor's Pen       December 2021


Printed below is my letter read to the church on November 7th announcing my retirement. 


After sharing the news of my plans, I was offered a job and accepted it with Smoky Mountain Hospice in Kingsport, Tennessee as a Hospice Chaplain. Many of you may not be aware that this is something I did for about seven years prior to coming to Lake Wateree Baptist. Please pray for Brenda and me as we make this transition to another season of our lives. Our prayers will be with you as you seek God's guidance as to where it is He wants you to go and who it is He wants to use to help lead you there. We will always cherish the time spent and the friendships made at Lake Wateree Baptist.


Dear Church Family and Friends,

At the age of eighteen I surrendered to the call of God to commit my life to full time ministry. For almost fifty years now I have tried my best to remain faithful to that which I believe God wanted me to do with the life He has blessed me with. During those fifty years, I have had the privilege of serving seven churches. My ministerial role has been from a Youth Minister in the first church I served, to an Associate Pastor in the second, and then finally as a Pastor. I have dearly loved every church I have served and most importantly the people associated with those churches. Some of my dearest friends have been members of those seven churches. What I cherish most are the times that God used me to help people

through a time of difficulty. I have had the opportunity to help people through the loss of a newborn baby and others who experienced the death of their ninety-year-old parent. I have had had the opportunity to help people through death, divorce, disease, and a host of other difficulties. And I have also shared with them in the joy of good times. I've tried to share God's word in a way that it brought both conviction and comfort. I know each sermon at best was a futile attempt to speak on behalf of an all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present God. My only prayer is that through these almost 50 years since answering God's call, the light and love of my Lord has been seen and felt by those I have sought to serve.


Since the completion of our Building Program, Brenda and I have been asking the Lord for wisdom and guidance concerning when it was He wanted us to retire from actively serving our church. He has revealed to us both that now is the time. So it is with that assurance that I offer to you the date of my retirement to be December 31st of 2021.


Lake Wateree Baptist Church is at a pivotal point in her life. I believe Brenda summed it up best when she said, "The church needs more, and we need less." I encourage you to look to God for where it is He wants you to go. In my humble estimation, this church is primed and ready to do great things for a great God! Before coming to Lake Wateree, Brenda and I spent much time in prayer seeking God's guidance. We came with the certainty of knowing that this is where we needed to be, and we leave believing we have fulfilled that which God brought us to do. But remember, it's not all about me, it's all about Him!


Thank you for being who you have been to us, for loving and supporting us, for meeting our needs financially, for providing a beautiful place to live, and for your many prayers. I'm so glad I've been a part of the family of God known as Lake Wateree Baptist Church.


Mike Pelham